Asymptote Club
Website is a work in progress.

Asymptote Club is a non-profit free (libre) software enthusiast club dedicated to hosting free (as in freedom) services. All of our services are hosted on VPSes that are fully managed by the Asymptote Club admin team. Asymptote Club is currently on what we consider Stage 1, with infrastructure hosted on VPSes and running Ubuntu for ease of setup. Stage 2 will come with a switch to a dedicated server as a VM host, for more control, and Debian GNU/Linux to fully embrace free software.

The servers are run by a group of members. If you would like to help out with administration (doing regular maintenance tasks, adding new services. etc.), reach out to zebmccorkle!

The source for this page can be found at asymptote/homepage on the Git service. It is licensed under the AGPL version 3.0 or any later version.


Asymptote Club is run by volunteers and completely funded by members' donations. If you would like to donate money, servers, or even your time, please contact an admin. Any contributions are greatly appreciated.

As a matter of fact, our current server infrastructure is temporary until we can afford a dedicated server to put everything on. Currently, I (zebmccorkle) am eyeballing So you Start's E3-SSD-1-32, which is $47.99 per month and includes a decent 4-core CPU, 32GB of RAM, and an IPv4 /28 for $48 one time. That would last us for a while. Of course, if anybody else has anything else in mind, please do let me know at

Current infrastructure only costs about $15/month, which I (zebmccorkle) can mostly handle fine, though as a high school student with non-regular contract work I would appreciate if someone else would contribute a little to make sure Asymptote stays online.

Any extra monetary donations recieved but not spent each quarter will be donated to projects used by Asymptote Club. This project will be voted for on the mailing list.

Recent Donors

If you donate by PayPal, make sure to say your Asymptote Club username, name/nickname/psuedonym, and a message in the PayPal "additional info" section. If you donate any other way, send zebmccorkle an email with that information so it can be put here. This list is updated manually, so it might be a day or two before your donation shows up here.


Based on Gitea (MIT license)
The Git service is similar to GitHub. When combined with continuous integration (and maybe a mailing list), it becomes a full software project management tool.
Based on Drone (Community Edition; Apache 2.0 license)
The CI service is similar to Travis CI. It is tightly integrated to the Git service and functions in a similar way.
Account Management
Completely custom; see the source code (AGPL 3.0 or later)
Asymptote Account Management allows you to change your name, password, SSH key, and login shell.
Based on Postfix (IBM Public License), Dovecot (MIT license and LGPL 2.1), and RainLoop (RainLoop Software License; todo: switch to AGPL 3.0 version)
Email is accessible through the webmail interface or IMAP/SMTP. The IMAP and SMTP server is, with both services on STARTTLS. Username is just your username (without, and password is just your password.
Mailing Lists
Based on GNU Mailman (GPL 3.0)
Shell Server
Based on Ubuntu GNU/Linux (various licenses)
The server major (which also runs the mail server) is accessible to any Asymptote member by SSH. Simply add your public key to the Account Manager and run ssh
Static Site Hosting
Based on Nginx (2-clause BSD licensed)
Every user has webspace at <username> To use it, run create_public_html on the shell server and put your files in ~/public_html. The static site generators Jekyll (MIT license) and Hugo (Apache 2.0 license) are installed on Major, so you can easily use them to generate your website.
Based on Up1 (MIT license)
Just a simple Pastebin-like service, except it can also host images and other files. No guarantee with regard to how long files are kept; they're cleared out if space seems to be running too low.
Based on Jupyter (BSD license)
Tinker with Python, Sage, or R inside a Jupyter notebook. You get your own Jupyter instance, just log in.
Based on Synapse (Apache 2.0 license) and Riot (Apache 2.0 license)

An open network for secure, decentralized communication.

- homepage (

Asymptote is hosting a Matrix homeserver. You can either use our Riot instance or point your Matrix client to the homeserver.
Based on Prosody (MIT license)
There is currently an XMPP server running, providing one-on-one chats. Use your favorite XMPP client with your Asymptote email address as your ID.
ZNC Bouncer
Based on ZNC (Apache 2.0 license)
Keep connected to IRC networks, and keep in touch with other Asymptote users with Partyline. Right now, you will need to ignore TLS errors.
Based on Mastodon (AGPL 3.0)

Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community

- Mastodon homepage (

Asymptote is hosting a Mastodon server.

Due to storage issues, the Mastodon server has been removed. If our storage situation gets better, the Mastodon server will be brought back.


Asymptote Club membership is invite-only. If you know a member, have them ask an admin to invite you. If you don't know any members, we congregate on the Matrix room Integrate into the community and somebody might be nice and invite you.

To those here from Lobsters, I am no longer adding Lobsters members. The invite system is still operational, but the open-ish registration is over.

Licensed under the AGPL 3.0 or any later version - See source

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